Last Night Atukk had a Mythic Keystone +2 Lower Karazhan. And me (Killer), Atukk and Tinis decided to tackle it… After the run Atukk shared some sweet thoughts of her pleasure being in the guild.

Atukk showed her veteran savvy and her ability to learn on the go and placed the keystone without anyone showing her.

And away we go.

After a quick sprint and I do mean sprint (Chasing Mr. Tank all over Lower Karazhan), we managed to reach our first objective: Opera.

We don’t even know the entrance to the Lower Karazhan and Mr. Tank is making us run around with our heads cutoff.

But at last, the host Monkey King prepares us for Wizard of Oz and boy does it bring us back to memory lane.

After another crazy blitz chasing that tank around, we managed again to down a boss. This team is learning the Kung Fu shuffle.

Atukk gets her senses enhance and rushes to heal the group. She works hard to top off everyone as Mr. Tank pulls the entire group at every hall and at every corner.

Next boss is Old Caretaker, Moroes, and of course the entire guest banquet. Tinis and Atukk are working extra hard on this one.

So me, Tinis and Atukk are barely trying to figure out what just happened and there goes Mr. Tank running full speed through another corridor and ready to pull all mobs plus boss. Good thing I screenshotted this. Lets see what happens next…

Chaotic but effective is our theme to the fourth and final boss: Midnight. Tinis death happened from multiple trash cc the healer and everyone else.

We finally defeated Midnight and Atukk earned a Mythic Plus 5 Court of Stars… Dang check out Tini’s latest Legendary weapon skin.

With her permission, Atukk shared her nice thoughts of Hellfire.

In turns out that Atukk was a healer for the guild back in Wrath and her fondest memories came from ICC raid.

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