Meet Val and her many alts. In this exclusive interview you will get to know her origins and how she started in the guild.

“First of all, Val, thanks for doing the exclusive interview”

First question: “When did you join the guild?”

” We had our own guild and had merged with Hellfire. I played in 2006 and I think we merged with Hellfire 2 years later, sooooo maybe 2008 or 2009″

“What guild were you in before and who got you in Hellfire?”

“I still have the guild and some of my toons are in it. Plus some others who really don’t play much anymore are in it. Don’t remember how we started with Hellfire. But it was probably Ursal who invited us to join.”

“The name of my original guild is Horde for life”

“How was it in the guild when you first joined? How was the atmosphere and what activities was the guild doing together?”

” We did a lot of raiding together and had quite a lot of few folks that loved to raid. Questing together was always fun too!! A few of the toons left the guild to play another game. And they were the main tanks and players. They still have toons in the game”.

“Not sure if they are still playing any game or not”.

“Oh that game was star wars and not sure if the game is doing well”

“Way back then we did not have LFR or Mythic. It was just a Guild adventure and sometimes 2 or 3 guilds got together for raid. We only had Uldaman then”.

“Building up from that question, what is one of your most fondest moments in the guild?”

” It has always been fun playing with Ursal and the gang. But, my favorite was playing with my family members. They no longer play, they want to but are super busy”.

“They were in the guild also. I think they still have toons in the guild”.

“Last question. What are some of the things that you enjoy doing for fun”

“I like to farm for my professions. I play most of my toons at least once a week. I also have another guild and I have two accounts. I keed pretty busy. LOL

“On the other guild I have a demon hunter and I have fun playing her aswell”.

You can catch Val and her many alts questing and leveling. P.S. ask her for tips, she has a lot of knowledge on leveling!

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