Hellfire is at it again. This time the group got together for a wild night on a mythic plus. We used the Sarge’s keystone and dove into Darkhearth Thicket.

It was me (Killer), Deadliness, Sarge, Sheezam (Deadliness old guild master), and Pug Zynx.

The group started plowing through the mobs. One boss down in record time. Dps was high and the Sheezam had just finished saving my life.

Cockiness is not a virtue, as we tried to walk around mobs we ended up picking up more than we can handle. Even Hellfire has a limit. Four deaths and not included Deadliness, because he faints like a boss, we picked up where we started and rebounded like veterans.

More hick ups and more dragons eggs popping, caused us to wipe a few times, except for Deadliness because he faints like a boss. We wiped on the third boss due to jaywalking.

Hellfire never backs down and is within minutes of reaching the timer.

Shades of Xavius: “What is this?”


A couple of Guild achievements earned that night (September 4, 2017) Mythic Darkhearth Thicket and First Mythic plus done in time. Well done.

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