We used the Sarge’s mythic keystone and went into Neltharion’s Lair. Do to hurricane Irma hitting at the footsteps of Deadly’s internet connection, it was me (Killer), the Sarge, the pug (Victoria), Master chuckler Ursal as tank and of course our trusty heals Sheezam.

Everyone is lock and loaded. We all quickly buff up.  We are here to chew gum and kick ass and we are out of bubble gum. Countdown to 6.

Out of the flood gates we go. 33 minutes is our countdown.

Ursal is racking and stacking the trash. One by one they go down.

Down to the first boss we go. The group is ready to kick ass.

Everyone is high five and we are going down the barrel run.

Fast forward into Neltharion’s Lair. Ursal is once again about to stack up the trash.

After this trash, only Dargul is left. We are way advance with zero deaths.

Dargrul says “The tauren believed YOU were prophesied to seize MY hammer? Phathetic.”

We are sorry Dargrul we can’t here you over the sound of our sneakers.

And one great night over many of that week. Boy did we hit mythic plus hard. Good job Hellfire.

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