It was a nice Sunday night and a gathering of the guild. This time to do Lower Karazhan, with a mythic plus 5 keystone. The guild mates were Killer, Tinis, Sarge and Atukk.

New Tanker in the horizon and sporting a hidden shield artifact (200 WC).

The guild has a new playtoy and we are ready to use him to show us around.

First objective is opera and this time we are off to see the Wizard! dead. The group has excellent positioning and are avoiding bad stuff.

Looks like Maiden hasn’t aged since the guild first took her down almost a decade ago. This time it is a new band or rug rats. Last time I remember Eilonway, Kattiebell, Calis, Legionairre, and 3 or 4 other shamans.

Now this boss was our meal ticket. It took 17 deaths to take him down. Thanks to our escort Mr. Playboy. We were thought how to do it effectively. You have to cc the two back mobs and down the other two one by one. Great job team.

We completed the instance in time with a few seconds to go. Attunment was a breeze. The only problem we had was that we still needed to kill more mobs and had to bank a left and kill a couple of packs. This team did great, like always.

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