Earlier today I was able to catch up with Valspanda and Deadliness on a Enchant and Tailoring thread and I was able to steal a moment of there time for a quick interview.

With out further oh due here is the Enchant and Tailoring thread:

Killer: What are your two professions, Valspanda?

Valspanda: My two professions are Enchanting and Tailoring.

Killer: Are those your two favorite professions?

Valspanda: Ya, pretty much, although of the 17 toons I have pretty much anything.

Killer: Where is the place to farm mats for Enchant and Tailoring?

Valspanda: Recipes and mats are everywhere, cloth or disenchant anything you don’t want and you will have the mats for enchanting and tailoring

Deadliness: Also, put Harvester enchant on the shoulders of all your alts and send the mats to your tailor.

Valspanda: True I have that as well.

Valspanda: Recipes are mostly thru quest and sometimes a random drop.

Killer: So you just play the game and get the random drops or do you target certain content?

Deadliness: Also killer, if you click on the unlearned recipe on the Tailoring tab, it will actually tell you where to get the recipe. So you can actually level your tailoring to 800 fast.

Valspanda: I am at 788 out of 800 for Tailoring and still don’t have all the recipes.

Killer: Nice info guys.

Killer: Any tips for the new guildies that just started the expansion?

Deadliness: Follow the quest chain for each zone and pick two professions.

Valspanda: Lol, I just like to play at my own speed and work on all my toons, silly I know but it is fun for me.

Deadliness: Same here Val.

Deadliness:I would also recommend upping cooking and first aid too.

Valspanda: I have way too many toons.

Deadliness: LoL Val.

Valspanda: I always take all my toons to the darkmoon fair for XP.

Killer: That is true the darkmoon fair gives 5 points for all your professions.

Deadliness: Yo killer I mogged my guy to look HORDE BAD ASS.

Deadliness: I got two murlocks chilling with me too.

Killer: Wow how did you managed that?

Deadliness: Look at my shirt and what it does

Deadliness: Also, look at the rarity item Epic Purple Shirt.

Big thanks to Valspanda and Deadliness for there time and thanks to you for reading.

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  1. Taranee says:

    This website for Hellfire, Uldaman, is awesome due to Killer and all his hard efforts to put it together for the guildies.

  2. Killer says:

    Thank you Taranee. It is a work in progress.

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