Congratulations to Hellfire for completing a Mythic plus 7 before the timer expired. This is a new benchmark for Mythic Plus as a Guild. Before it was Mythic Plus 5 last week.

It was me (Killer), the Sarge and a new Mythic dungeoneer Tinis.

Here is the Sarge with his new transmog from last night.

We started with Tinis’s Keystone Upper Karazan plus 4. And boy did we have a blast. The whole dungeon is well made and we enjoyed all the creativity of it. Going from small to large and having the room flipped around was really fun.

From completing it in time tinis got a new keystone, Neltharion’s Lair plus 6, and we went after it. Nothing new for us as a guild that we had done in the past so we blew threw it.

Finally we used the Sarge’s keystone Maw plus 7 and of course the guild had a strong showing. Completing it in time just before reset day. As a downer though the Sarge got keystone Halls of Valor. But never the less great work from the Sarge, me and Tinis on a Monday.

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