Three brave pioneers set out for a Mythic Plus 8. A new challenge to the guild, previously it was Mythic Plus 7 and just less than a month ago.

Killer, Deadly and Tinis have their weapons at the ready and are ready to rock. Deadliness says “I am doing curls with my bow”.

Sanguine and Volcanic are the weeks affixes. Affixes and trash that stun caused 8 deaths. Not fun when you get stunned and are surrounded by three volcanics, ouch!. First boss was actually a breeze, like always.

Hey killer! what are you doing lying around on the job? Get up! there is 5 min to go.

Leading up to the third boss, we found out the hard way that sanguine blood pulls and little volcanos hide and mesh with the water. And which caused half a dozen deaths. That and the little pesky dragons.


Mythic Plus 8 DH done with 30 seconds to spare.

Deadly won an upgrade in bracers, I got an upgrade in necklace from the weekly chest and Tinis got an amazing 940 gloves also from the weekly chest.

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